Sunday, 19 April 2009

Cross of Christ

Cross of Christ, towering over me,
Cross of pain, hung on your beams I see, the
God of love, dying to set me free.
Cross of Christ, triumphing over death,
Cross of pain, paradise for a thief, the
God of love, forgiveness his final breath.

Oh beautiful love
God dying for us
Grace, Grace beyond measure
I can't comprehend
Oh beautiful love

Cross of Christ, this is the price for sin,
Cross of pain, my punishment falls on him, the
God of love, dying so I can live.
Cross of Christ, all Satan's power destroyed,
Cross of pain, sinners are justified, the
God of love, in weakness glorified

Cross of Christ, chorus of heaven's song,
Cross of pain, splendour of heaven's Son,
God of love, glorious victory won.

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